Which scan app is best for the iPhone

13 Oct 2020

Do you remember the days of bulky scanning machines with those floppy lids? It almost seems like forever ago, but until recently, scanning machines were still the go-to for digital scanning documents. With the advent of smartphones, though, scanning began to evolve with apps trying to use the phone’s camera as a scanning solution. As with most early endeavors, early versions of scanning apps were clunky and imprecise. However, a lot has changed in the last decade, and now scanning using your smartphone is convincingly as good as if you were throwing back to use a scanning machine. Many have asked, which scan app is best for the iPhone. Here is the answer: Genius Scan

Why Genius Scan is so great

Genius Scan is probably the easiest and most precise scanning app available for iPhones. One of the first things you’ll notice is it is free and doesn’t bombard users with annoying ads. However, you can pay for a faxing option, which is totally worth it if you end up needing it.

Scanning a document is as simple as snapping a picture, which is precisely what you’re doing. Once the image is captured, the Genius Scan app does what I call “photoshop magic” to remove wrinkles in the pages and shadows from poor lighting. The result is a “scanned” image that has a uniform look.

One of the other things I like about the Genius Scan app is that it automatically crops the edges of your document to remove any evidence of the tabletop or counter you placed the image on in order to snap the picture.

One the image is captured and you’re happy with the scanned look, you can send the scan to any email address you’d like. Just be sure to open your mail app to finish the sending process (which will automatically occur when you open the mail app after pressing send in the Genius Scan app)


You guys, this app is by far the best scanning app available for iPhones. Do not doubt me on this one!