The Best New College Football Stadium Technology: Giant Scoreboard Monitors

The Best New College Football Stadium Technology: Giant Scoreboard Monitors
05 Apr 2022

College arenas across the US are gearing up for the upcoming football season by beginning construction on their stadiums. This means new tech; and we’re here for it. The giant monitors at athletic complexes display live game footage, replays and statistics as well!

In recent years many stadiums have been upgrading their scoreboard by adding massive LED scoreboards, which are really just a big screen TV for viewers who want to enjoy on-screen footage while they watch others play on field below them. This year, some schools are taking it a step further by introducing new technologies that will make the game-watching experience even more enjoyable for fans.

One such school is Boise State which recently announced that it will be upgrading its scoreboards with a high-resolution 6,000-square-foot LED scoreboard, boasting tech and adding boldness to the major Idaho arena.

Thanks to a $4.5 million donation from Melaleuca, The Wellness Company, Boise State Athletics welcomes the opportunity to upgrade such an integral part of fans’ gameday experience. And for many football fans, this will be money well spent as they’ll now be able to catch all of the action on what is being called “the largest video board in the conference.”

That $4.5 million goes a long a way when you consider the tech behind one of these scoreboards. Not only does the picture need to be crystal-clear in high definition to compete with today’s standards, it also needs to be easy to maintain and easy to power. That’s where LED technology comes through in the clutch. Using the latest technology, these boards can be made to use less energy and produce less heat than ever before.

What’s more, these new scoreboards aren’t just for football season. Many of the schools upgrading their stadiums are also using them for other events like live entertainment, concerts and even graduations! It’s an investment into Universities that can be used year-round.