How To Find Cheap Travel Accommodation

How To Find Cheap Travel Accommodation
19 Dec 2016

Cheap travel accommodation is available around the world — you don’t need to pay for expensive hotels. Check out these affordable (and free) sleep options.One of the biggest travel myths out there is that you need to be independently wealthy to see the world. This is simply not true. Travel can be very affordable, especially when you use alternative forms of overnight accommodation.

Travel is only expensive if you choose to make it that way.

Fancy hotels have big budgets to spend on plenty of advertising coverage. So we assume those are the only options out there. But in reality there are many cheap and even free places to sleep when traveling.

Backpacker Hostels

Backpacker hostels are a popular option for the budget-minded traveler. Rooms & bathrooms are shared by multiple people who help keep costs low. The average hostel room can hold 4-10 individuals, often furnished with bunk-beds. Personal lockers are available for securing your belongings. A very basic (toast and cereal) breakfast is usually included too.

In addition to being cheap, hostels provide a highly social atmosphere for fellow travelers to interact with each other. A communal kitchen and living area helps facilitate this. Many backpacker hostels have a few private rooms for those who want a little more privacy along with the vibrant social scene.

Backpacker Hostel Tips:

  • Avoid hostels that don’t provide lockers for your valuables
  • Earplugs & an eye-mask will help with late night noise & light

    As a solo-traveler, meeting new people and saving money is a priority for me. So I frequently use hostels when I’m traveling. If you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of privacy & dealing with some extra noise, backpacker hostels are great.

    Guest Houses

    A guesthouse or budget hotel provides a simple, affordable room without the perks or service of a bigger hotel. Compared to a hostel, you receive a decent sized private room but much less social interaction. All for a slightly higher price. Kitchens may or may not be included. Breakfast may or may not be included. Just like hostels, the quality these places can vary widely. In some locations hostels are just not available. But there will be plenty of cheap guesthouses around.

    Guest House Tips:

    • Always ask to see the room first
    • Make sure windows & doors are secure

    Choosing a guesthouse over a hostel really depends on my mood. If I’m feeling sociable and don’t have a ton of work to do, I usually prefer a hostel. But sometimes the privacy of having your own room is worth the extra expense.

    Short-Term Apartment

    If someone has a spare room in their house, or a whole apartment they are not using, they may rent it to travelers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These apartments usually come fully furnished and include a kitchen — all for the price of a budget hotel.
    One of the big benefits of staying in an apartment is how it can feel like a home away from home. Regular interaction with local neighbors helps you appreciate what it’s actually like to live in the country, if only for a short time.

  • Apartment Tips:

    • Choose places with a history of reviews from past tenants
    • Research the apartment’s location & transportation options
    • If you plan to stay a month or longer, local classifieds provide the best deals

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