5 cool travel gadgets pick

5 cool travel gadgets pick
18 Oct 2016

Let your luggage find you

Have you had your luggage misplaced or have you ever been worried that may happen? Trying to find your luggage in busy international airports may be quite nerve-wracking. However, for stress-free travel, there is a solution. Try getting a wireless luggage finder and spot your bag right away. These electronic devices come in two parts – a luggage tag with built-in wireless transmitter and a wireless key chain that will sound, flash and vibrate once your bag is about 65ft from you. It’s so clever that it even automatically deactivates during the flight and reactivates once you land.

You can be sure that with this gadget you will cut out long waits and can spend your precious time the way you want instead. Now, if only we could speed up flight delays right?

Make more of your space

Are you taking a flight in economy class? No worries. Don’t spill your beverage while using your laptop and maximize your comfort with a new device which makes a small space bigger.

Eye see

Who wants to actually hold the camera when you can record everything hands-free? That’s not all, with Google Glass, you’ll be able to discover and learn about your location and surroundings on the go, get directions, take shots by winking, and share what you see instantly. The device, which you wear like a pair of glasses, is also great for travelers needing instant translations or directions.

Lights, camera, action

See your travels in high definition, record angles that you’d never think possible and capture action shots that will inspire you to chase the adventures. Billed as the world’s most versatile camera, GoPro has a variety of products to suit your preferences – from skiing to kayaking or simply wandering the city streets see the camera in action with this video. Raise your blood pressure to the maximum and feel like you’re the one doing a back flip over a 72ft canyon.

Have more juice

Double the battery and data storage of your iPhone without affecting its speed with Mophie Space Pack; coming out in March. With enough space for all of your media, surviving a 15-hour flight while keeping all your trip snaps couldn’t be easier.

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